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March is Women’s History Month in the United States.  But no history lessons today. Instead, I want you to meet talented women photographers who are out there alive and kicking up their collective street photography heels!

Lynn Saville, a master urban/night photographer, has had her work exhibited in museums and galleries in both the United States and Europe for over 20 years.  Ms. Saville’s photographs are also in the public collections of many museums ranging from the Museum of the City of Paris to the Brooklyn Museum of Art.   Two collections of her night images have been published, Acquainted With The Night  (Rizzolli) and Night Shift (Random House).   She captures the profound mystery and silence of night with unerring skill and instinct.  Her work is the reason I took up night photography as a way of life.

Sally Davies has lived and worked in New York’s East Village for the past 28 years.  For 20 years her photography has been exhibited in both solo and group collections all over the world.  Her work is in a host of private collections including Johnny Depp’s and Tim Burton’s.  And no wonder ~~ her street photography is intimate, lyrical and totally captures New York City.  Her every image tells a story.  They definitely speak to me!

Lara Wechsler gets it.  Her images of Coney Island are so real that you can smell the sweat, suntan lotion and beer.   She has been photographing New York for over 20 years and has a knack for capturing every day, slice-of-life moments.  As important as her talent, is the respect Ms. Wechsler has for the people, places and history of the areas where she shoots.  For me, that is a key component of being a street photographer.  I am glad she is part of my favorite borough, Brooklyn, USA!

Elaine Vallet lives and works in Paris.  Her photography is self-taught and her vision is unique.  She shoots primarily in black and white.  Her sense of light, tonalities and space evoke urban images that have a surreal quality.  And, too, her images are pensive references to the solitary existence of urban dwellers.  Ms. Vallet’s street photography has a poetic quality that reminds me of why I fell in love with photography.

Anna Delany lives in both New Zealand and in New York.  Ms. Delany’s images are gritty, black and white and in your face.  Tender and absolutely honest she connects to the complex, resilient spirit of people who live within deteriorating city neighborhoods.   She is absolutely a classic street photographer.

I celebrate not only these five women but all women urban photographers who get out there rain or shine, night and day to pursue their art.  It takes courage and passion.  And building the muscle that is both perseverance and inspiration.

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