Street Photography ~~ Quick Tips: Keeping Your Camera in Shape

February 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

Camera/lens cleaning kits are a very inexpensive and important part of your photography equipment.  Usually included are a bulb-style air blower, soft micro-fiber cloth, lens tissue and camera lens cleaner.  Regular cleaning of the lens, view finder and LCD monitor extends the life of your camera.

The method is simple.  Use the blower to remove any dust.  For smudges use a lens tissue or micro fiber cloth folded with a bit of lens cleaner (never dry clean a lens).  Starting from the center gently wipe the lens surface in a circular motion outwards.  Gently dry with lens paper.  Never ever apply lens fluid directly to any part of your camera.

Do not use facial tissue, paper towels, or any type of coarse or abrasive material.

If there is dust on your DSLR sensor (even with the self-cleaning cameras dust can invade), bring it into a professional service to have it cleaned.  I’ve done it and have never regretted the small service charge.

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Even though it’s still snowing here in New York City, warmer weather is on its way.  If you’re coming to NYC, book a unique street photography experience in avant garde, gutsy Brooklyn ~~


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