Street Photography — Falling in Love Again

June 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

Sometimes no matter how much you love your work, you can burn out, lose your inspiration.  But then you go out, expecting nothing and you fall in love all over again.

So there I am in Coney Island early in the day.  It’s all overcast and peaceful, the ocean misted silver green.  Somewhere in the distance a ship’s foghorn gives its mournful call.  I breathe in that special saltwater smell mixed with Nathan’s first French fries of the day.

I wander – construction workers are everywhere building, rebuilding.  Inside a new glass pavilion, the totally refurbished Carousell turns round with the Coney Island-style carved horses snorting and straining.  Colors popping.  I am a child again on the merry-go-round. 

A couple of old timers chat on a boardwalk bench, classic Salsa music fills in the pauses in their conversation.  Men work on the parachute installing 8,000 LED lights.  New rides, new restaurants, new walkways, a renovated pier.  Super Storm Sandy adios!

All the rawness and gutsy verve of Coney is still there.  I was in love again  ~~ shooting, trying to capture all that wonder.  Que viva street photography! ImageImageImage

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